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Panum offers a host of different consulting solutions. No matter the challenge, Panum’s team is up to the task.


Due Dilligence

Aviation is an ever changing dynamic industry. Navigating through its windy rivers can be challenging. Let Panum’s consultants assist in evaluating whether you should proceed with an investment. Panum can help you analyze the financials, projections, the target’s position relative to competitors, technical and operational competencies, and likely return from investment.


Traffic Forecasting

Traffic around the globe has been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 5% for the past 20 years, but every market is different and is not growing at this 5%. Panum staff have been hired for numerous traffic forecasting and route analysis projects. Let us help you evaluate different market segments for potential new entry, sales of specific aircraft, or evaluation of your own long term prospects. We work with data provided by ICAO's Data+ application. 



Panum staff have worked with every legacy carrier in the US and as a result, has a strong understanding over how each airport is used as a hub. Panum staff can help you understand your airports current positioning, future prospects and all available opportunities. Our airport consulting solutions include:

  • Market Demand Forecasting

  • Origin & Destination Analysis to identify new markets

  • Revenue Optimization Strategies

  • Valuation, M&A, and Privatization Assistance

  • Concession Analyses

  • PFC Analyses



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