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Valuation Services

Our clients look to us for quick, efficient and accurate valuations. We are known to find a way to make any deadline. We understand that sometimes you have an immediate need for an appraisal or valuation. We will work with your timeframe and budget to deliver what you need. 



Aircraft Valuation

Panum’s aircraft valuations come from a varied set of backgrounds. Panum appraisers take into account the financial implications, market implications, performance considerations, and economic considerations when valuing aircraft.


Financiers, operators, and lessors depend on Panum’s reliability, integrity and efficiency in delivering aircraft appraisals. Panum assists in understanding past values, current value, future values, and the overall volatility in these values.



Panum offers several different types of aircraft valuations:

  • Half-Life v. Full-Life Valuations

  • Desktop Valuation

  • Extended Desktop Valuation

  • Lease Encumbered Valuation



Intangible Asset Valuation

Our professionals have widespread knowledge in providing valuations of intangible assets for securitizations, purchase price allocations, and licensing transactions, litigation, and fresh-start accounting. Panums’ experts have significant experience in valuing international route authorities, airport landing slots, trademarks, frequent flyer programs customer relationships, and noncompetes.



Whether a company, counsel, or financial institution requires an independent valuation of intangible assets for licensing, merger-and-acquisition, tax, litigation, or for a loan, Panum can help. Our professionals bring forth a strong valuation background, supported by the AICPA. Our team has the right experiences and know how to apply the appropriate methodology for any given intangible.


We value intangible assets for:

  • Financial reporting

  • Tax planning and reporting

  • Licensing agreements

  • Litigation

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Bankruptcy and restructuring

  • Securitizations




Business Valuation

The valuation of a business requires both experience and knowledge of the appropriate methodology. The business valuation consultants at Panum provide insight into the operational, financial, and strategic concerns of the business.


Our business valuation analysts provide accurate business valuations based on current market data, careful analysis, and the most appropriate valuation techniques.



We provide valuations for:

  • Fair value reporting

  • Gift & Estate Returns

  • FAS123R Stock Based Compensation

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Litigation








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